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gbdd::Bdd::Vars Class Reference

#include <bdd.h>

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Public Member Functions

 Vars (Space *space)
BooleanVar operator[] (Var v) const
FiniteVar operator[] (const Domain &vs) const
FiniteVars operator[] (const Domains &ds) const

Detailed Description

Represents all variables in a BDD space. This class works as a factory for BDDs in the following way. One instance of this class works as an array, which can be indexed by different keys to obtain different kind of variables. The simplest is boolean variables, which is obtained by using integers, so if x is an instance of gbdd::Vars, then x[2] is the BDD variable with index 2. The expression x[2] & x[3] can then be used to generate a BDD representing that variable 2 and 3 must be true.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gbdd::Bdd::Vars::Vars Space space  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

FiniteVars gbdd::Bdd::Vars::operator[] const Domains ds  )  const [inline]

FiniteVar gbdd::Bdd::Vars::operator[] const Domain vs  )  const [inline]

BooleanVar gbdd::Bdd::Vars::operator[] Var  v  )  const [inline]

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